Resident Services


Staff Listing:

Judy Grate
Resident Services Supervisor
35 N. Pennsylvania Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Telephone: (609) 345-4229

Diana James
Social Case Worker
35 N. Pennsylvania Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Telephone: (609) 345-4229

Resident Services

The Housing Authority of the City of Atlantic City is committed to work in partnership with its residents to meet their needs and facilitate progress for the families and individuals that reside in our properties.

The success of this department is based on the motivation and active participation of the residents. By providing motivation, counseling and support systems, we create better opportunities and choices to move individuals further towards independence. The Resident Services Department provides a wide variety of programs and services designed to promote self-sufficiency and enrich lives. We accomplish this by providing educational, recreational and life-enhancing programs for youth, families, and seniors/disabled residents. Programs and services include, but are not limited to: resident organization setup, capacity building, elections, offer training and event planning, case management and assessment, education assistance, job training, employment search and referral, budget and credit counseling, home ownership counseling and assistance with activities for daily living. We assist with resident-to-resident difficulties, domestic matters, fires, counseling, utilities, emergency food needs, legal matters and much more. A large number of our cases are referred out to other social service agencies that deal directly in the areas of the services needed. However, ACHA staff resolves many of our cases. It is the goal of the Resident Services staff to provide our residents with safe, secure, and sanitary living environments.

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS Program)

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program is a voluntary family assistance program offered by the ACHA.  The FSS program helps families improve their financial situation and career opportunities through a variety of avenues including job training, education, career and family counseling and escrow accounts. The ACHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program represents a community-based approach to the organization and delivery of local available services in order to help eligible families become self-reliant and independent of all forms of public assistance. The purpose of the FSS Program is to promote the development of local strategies that coordinate the use of housing assistance with public and private resources that enables eligible families to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency. The goal of the program is to help low- income families improve their quality of life, awaken or renew self-esteem, while empowering all participants to recognize and utilize available resources from the community. The FSS program is open to families who are residents of the Housing Authority under the conventional public housing program.

Home Ownership

An opportunity is provided for residents of the Housing Authority, ACHA Housing Choice Voucher participants as well as low to moderate income families from the community at large who want to explore home ownership as an avenue to self-sufficiency. This is a first time home purchasing program. By working in partnership with financial institutions, first-time home buyer assistance programs, and home ownership counseling agencies we can assist in the home purchasing process and provide a complete education to teach individuals how to gain control of their finances, deal with credit issues, and save money for the purchase of their first home. It provides home buyers with the information to make them better informed buyers, while assisting each home buyer in becoming an essential part in the growth of a more financially responsible community.

Eligible applicants may receive one of two forms of ACHA Home ownership assistance for a family:

Section 32 Home ownership – Discounted sale price of a home located in Atlantic City that is owned by the Atlantic City Housing Authority. Homes may be substantially discounted up to %60 off the fair market (appraised) value.

Section 8y Housing Choice Voucher Home ownership – Monthly voucher assistance payments that are applied to home ownership expenses such as principal and interest on mortgage loan, taxes and insurance. Participants may qualify to purchase a home located within 25 miles of Atlantic City, excluding the area of operation of the Pleasantville Housing Authority.

The Main Steps One Should Take When Thinking About Buying a Home:

  • Meet with a Home Ownership Advisor. They will help you.
    • Review your credit report and determine the steps needed to clear any outstanding credit issues
    • Develop a sustainable budget
    • Develop and start a savings plan
    • Learn about the responsibilities of home ownership
    • Learn about the various mortgage financing options for “first-time” home buyers.
    • Learn about grants available in the area
    • Learn how to select the professionals who will assist you throughout the process: Bank, loan originator, realtor, inspector, attorney, etc.


Money Management International
(866) 515-2227

Consumer Credit & Budget Counselling
(609) 390-9652

Family Services Association
(609) 652-1600/(609) 569-0239

To obtain a copy of your free credit report go to

Applicant must have a minimum adjusted gross income (after ACHA allowable deductions) of $25,000, provide a mortgage pre-qualification letter and attend home buyer education to participate.

While lender mortgage qualification guidelines may vary from lender to lender, the basic criteria on which your application will be judged are the same –

Job Stability, Income, Debts, Credit and Cash available to purchase. At time of requesting a mortgage pre-qualification, be prepared to supply the lender with requested information.

Since its inception in 1998, the home ownership program has won several awards, assisted over 115 families in becoming successful first-time homeowners and counseled over 1200 individuals in the home buying process.
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