Jerry Volpe, QPA
Qualified Purchasing Agent
Atlantic City Housing Authority
227 N. Vermont Ave. 17th Floor
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Telephone: (609) 344-1107

E-Mail: jvolpe@atlanticcityha.org

Kim Barnes, RPPS
Purchasing Assistant
Telephone: (609) 344-1107
E-Mail: kbarnes@atlanticcityha.org


The Purchasing Department is a member of the administrative team of The Atlantic City Housing Authority. The Purchasing Department is responsible for purchasing all supplies, materials and equipment required and contracts for all repairs to property and supervises all purchases made on competitive bids, competitive contracts, professional services and Request for Proposals.

The Purchasing department of the Housing Authority and Urban Redevelopment Agency of the City of Atlantic City, is dedicated to meeting all goals and objectives of the Authority’s mission to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing. The purchasing department assists and services all residents as well as the employees.

To accomplish this task the purchasing department will seek cooperative and team-building efforts from its staff, employees, vendors, and contractors to achieve an effective and efficient procurement process in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.

Statement of Purpose

To provide the best service possible to all departments in fair and equitable manner.

To ensure an atmosphere of equality to all vendors without regard to undue influence or political pressures.

To protect the interests of the Atlantic City Housing Authority Residents.

The Housing Authority of the City of Atlantic City is required by law to obtain the following forms from all vendors prior to the award of a purchase order or contract:

  • Federal W-9 Request for Taxpayer Information and Certification
  • New Jersey Business Registration Certificate Sample Business Registration Certificate

What forms are required and when depends upon the nature of the procurement?

  • As a rule, when the Housing Authority is soliciting a Request for Quote (RFQ), no forms are required prior to submission.
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) and Invitation for Bids (IFB) however require certain forms. They will be furnished to you as part of the bid package. All RFP and IFB packages will contain information as to what forms and certificates are required.
  • Once submitted, the forms and certificates will be kept on file, you will not have to resubmit them, except in the case of certifications that expire, such as New Jersey Contractors Registration Certificate.
  • Prior to the award of a purchase order or contract, all first-time vendors and contracts must submit a signed Federal W-( Form and a copy of their New Jersey Business Registration Certificate. Depending upon the contract or purchase other, other forms may be required, regarding political contributions (“Pay to Play”) and affirmative action compliance.

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Our Office Location:

227 N. Vermont Ave. 17th Floor
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Business Hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00AM – 4:30PM, except government holidays.

The main phone number is: (609) 344-1107
The fax number is: (609) 449-1655
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